" Empowering Communities to fight against Poverty, Hunger & Untouchability "  
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Human rights

Equal rights are denied to Dalits in India.    Caste-based hierarchical hegemony denies 167 millions of Dalits access to education, health, property and work of their choice.    Therefore, Dalits live in  caste created hunger and object poverty even today.

AARDIP is educating and organising the  Dalits who are considered as untouchables across India to access their rights as enshrined in the Constitution of India so that they can reclaim the denied rights entering into worship places, water points, hotels, availing services of barber-washer men  and to access land to get suitable living.

Right to Food

Obviously two people out of three are living with hunger.   About 1.20 crore in the state of Andhra Pradesh and 8 lakh people in Kurnool district are living with hunger and malnourishment.   Children are worst affected; 80% of expectant mothers are anemic and are giving birth to under-weight babies.Therefore, AARDIP is working with poor to secure them lad and provide knowledge on sustainable agriculture methods to ensure them food security.